Sales, Returns & Refunds Policy

All sales are subject to our Sales, Returns & Refunds policy as follows:

General Conditions

1.  The Jet Sim specialises in the sale of authentic end-of-life airliner cockpits and components. Our products are former industrial components. Their size and weight reflects this. Customers must take due care with respect to health and safety in relation to their handling and use. The Jet Sim's products are for adults and we recommend that they are not used by children.

Condition of Sale                                  

2.  All products offered for sale on the following basis:

a.  Condition of all items is “as removed” from the cockpit. The Jet Sim does not guarantee the functionality of any of its products. However:

i.  Items are non-functional, and unsuitable for any “airworthy” purpose; and

ii.  Items are sold for parts, hobbyist or flight simulation purposes.

3.  Sale is prohibited to any state that is subject to sanctions enacted by the Governments of the United States or Australia or the European Union. 

Shipping Conditions                               

4.  All items are to be dispatched in a condition consistent with all photographs used in their promotion and sale (e.g. eBay images).

5.  All items with value in excess of US$3,000 are subject to pre-dispatch photography to be emailed to customer to provide final “authority to ship”.

6.  Customer is responsible for the condition of goods from point of dispatch. The Jet Sim will not be liable for damage that occurs in transit.

7.  Customers may purchase shipping insurance, at additional cost.

Warranty and Returns

8.  The Jet Sim is fully committed to meeting its statutory obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

9.  Purchasers should note, items are sold without guarantee or warranty of any kind. Returns are not accepted for:

a.  Change of mind; and/or

b.  If the product is unfit for its intended purpose.

10.  If The Jet Sim determines that a problem exists with a product, The Jet Sim may repair or replace the product at its election.

11.  Upon receipt of a product in “as dispatched” condition, The Jet Sim will promptly provide a full refund of the purchase price, if the item is not of the type or condition represented in an advertisement (e.g. eBay or website listing).