Located in Paddington - Sydney, Australia, The simulator is a real life 747 cockpit from a retired aircraft, refitted and re-engineered as a full training simulator. The controls, levers, yokes and instruments are from real operational aircraft. This is a full immersion experience - while flying everything around you works exactly as it would in the real aeroplane.

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The simulator features include:

-    Full 200 degree wrap around graphics outside the cockpit
-    A real 747 cockpit complete with all controls and instruments
-    Fully modeled navigation, performance and Flight Management Computers (FMC’s) 
-    Accurately modeled systems including Hydraulic, Electric, Pneumatic and Fuel.
-    Fully modeled Engine Instrument and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
-    Fully modeled Mode Control Panel (MCP) and Automatic Flight Director System (AFDS)
-    Simulated air traffic control.
-    Over 20,000 different airports around the world modeled in our 3d visual system